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Job Matching

The National Electronic Labour Exchange (NELEX) is a platform for opportunities for the job seekers and recruiters. The NELEX database comprises of Private Employment Agency (PEA) and unemployed persons that are actively searching for work. For all available job opportunities, log on to


Trainings are conducted at intervals for staff of the Ministry and registered migrants. To qualify for training, you must first complete the registration process on this site. Begin the registration process now by clicking here 

Qualification Recognition

To practice legally as a professional in Nigeria sometimes requires applicants to be tested and issued a certificates of competence. Professionals in Medicine, Law, Engineering etc. are tested by professional bodies before foreigners or citizens can operate legally. To read more about this click here.

Do you know that...
Country of destination is a destination for migratory flows while Country of origin is a source of migratory flows. 
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