What is an MRC?

MRC is a place which provides services directly to migrants to facilitate and promote their recourse to legal, voluntary, orderly and protected migration.


Why Do you Need to know your rights as a Migrant Worker?

Migrant workers are generally entitled to the same human rights as citizens. These include: protection from violence, threats and intimidation, xenophobia and discrimination in the hands of public officials and private sectors. It is important for you to obtain information about the destination country from credible recruitment agencies, embassies, Ministry of Labour and the Immigration service before you make up your mind to travel. If you are an irregular migrant worker, you may be exposed to various forms of abuse and violation of your rights from the point of departure, in the course of the journey, at arrival and even within the work place.


Do Migrant workers have rights in Nigeria?

The 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria guarantees the protection of the rights of migrant workers. However, migrant workers also have obligation to abide by.


How can MRC help me in Migrating?

MRC can provide you with information that will be useful for you to make an informed decision about migrating.


Can MRC help me in getting a Visa?

No, MRC cannot do visa facilitation; it is the prerogative of embassies and consulates.